Artisan Chocolates from the Italian Alps

–At Tre Amis we value being in the moment. For us, this means treasuring everyday's little moments and sharing those experiences that life offers us with the people we care the most.

Every little moment is special. This concept was already true for the three friends that were used to gather at the Tre Amis spot in the Italian Alps at the beginning of the last century and who inspired the name of this brand.

Our mission is to make high quality artisan chocolate available to our customers. The same outstanding quality as the founders of Tre Amis grew up with: genuine ingredients and contact with nature... everyone should be able to access it while enjoying being in the moment.

We also have a vision: we want to bring our customers the opportunity to appreciate every moment of friendship and good company, because through sharing we nurture our humanitas.

Like good friends, we strive to be able to communicate with our customers as much as possible. Thus, if you are not sure what you are looking for, send us an email ( and we can either recommend or put something together for you!