Our Ingredients

These artisanal chocolates are freshly made and cared for, making the weight of each praline varying between 18 to 20g per praline. Where on average most are 18g each, part from the Amaretto and Rum where on average they are 20g.

This makes our chocolates way bigger than the average chocolates you can find on the market.

Our chocolates are produced in the Granda province of Piedmont, the north-western Italian region with a very wealthy food heritage. Piedmont is a region that offers renowned ingredients that contribute to the Italian food excellence.

As a region, it produces flagship red wines such as Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto as well as sought-after wines of the like of Moscato d'Asti. It is a region of wines and truffles, courtesy, and good food.

Piedmont has a tradition of confectionery that uses the Piedmont Hazelnut variety, which bears PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status. Therefore we wanted to highlight this one in particular.

That being said, all of our artisanal chocolate is made with the best quality product sourced from around the world. We aim to bring you and your loved ones nothing but the best. We do not use flavourings and the amazing flavour you get comes from the outstanding ingredients we use in the production process.

     Where does all the great flavour come from?
  • Our Coconuts are sourced in Indonesia;
  • Our Cocoa beans to make such an amazingly pleasant dark chocolate coating (which is loved also by whoever claims not to be a fan of dark chocolate) come from Ghana;
  • Our Salted Caramel is made by the elves in Piedmont (in life you need a bit of magic!);
  • Our Cuneo Rums are made with Cuban Rum;
  • Our Cuneo Amaretto are made with Amaretto liqueur from Saronno, Italy;
  • Our Limoncello comes from the luxurious Amalfi Coast near Naples in Italy.


The product does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms, nor has it undergone handling or processes involving their use (2006/1829/EC – 2006/1830/EC). The company applies a strict GMO-FREE policy.


The product contains gluten. Detailed information on Allergens.

Ionizing radiation

The product is not treated with ionizing radiation.

No similar processes are used in any of the company production sites or any areas adjacent to these.