Our Mission

Here at Tre Amis our goal is to bring you premium artisanal chocolates from the Italian Alps, at an affordable price. So you are able to enjoy them with your loved ones over a wonderful gathering or even a cosy night in. 

Our MISSION is to bring high-quality artisan chocolate to the UK . The same quality of the chocolate made with genuine ingredients that Luca grew up with in the Alps.
Our VISION is to become the brand that empowers people to reconnect with themselves and 'be in the moment'. We also aim to become the brand that will be synonym with sharing with friends and family.

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Saving the planet is important to us! We are conscious about the environment and sustainability, every one of us can make a difference. We try to make our packing as eco-friendly as possible. We've still got a way to go, so please be patient with us. If you have any suggestions for how we could do better, please drop us a message.

At the moment the parts that are recyclable are:

Our delivery box filled with packing peanut and 3 of our 54g boxes, which are all recyclable

  • Our delivery box 
  • The chocolate box
  • The packing peanuts (they dissolve in water which is not only good to limit landfill waste and water pollution, but also very amusing to watch)
  • Our thank you note to you uses recyclable paper
  • The food-grade paper wrapping that protects your precious chocolates
  • The tape we use to seal our parcels 
  • The plastic wrapping around the chocolates

Not recyclable at the moment (we are working with industry experts to find an alternative) ...

  • Bundle bag