Our Story

Tre Amis is here to share with the world the beautiful artisan chocolate from the Italian Alps.

We believe these beautiful little treats should continue to be shared among friend and family, bringing nothing but good company and memories. We have a vision for our chocolates: we want to become an instrument that allows people to reconnect with themselves, nature, and their inner nature. We want to be an instrument to teach ourselves to be in the moment.

What does Tre Amis mean?

In 1934, in the Alps in Piedmont, near the village of Limone Piemonte, a spot in the mountains became well-known to locals as Tre Amis (pron. / Trāe Amēes /), which in Piedmontese means ‘three friends’.

Historically, these three friends had a passion for mountains and nature. They were also refined connoisseurs of local food specialties and would not miss an opportunity the local territory would offer for their trips.

In our world Tre Amis is us and you, you are our third friend with whom we would like to share the goodness the Italian Alps have to offer. Our mission is to bring you outstanding, luxurious, charming artisal chocolates from the Italian Alps, at a reasonable price. It is then up to you to make the best of out them, as trying our chocolates can become a journey to your soul through flavour. Who knows, maybe you can share them with your loved ones over a gathering or even just at a cosy night in by the fire.

Picture: Image of Nicola Gandolfo (alias Nicôlin), one of the Tre Amis, back in 1934. Courtesy of the Auntie of one of founders, who enjoyed a walk in the mountains and shot a photograph on the way to a mountain hut.

Our brand... How it all came about...

The founding of Tre Amis chocolates  was spontaneous, like a light bulb moment to be exact!

It all happened in a cold English winter day, Luca and partner invited Sedtin and her partner over for lunch as they recently came back from their trip to Italy. Over a cup of tea and coffee, Luca offered Sedtin some chocolate she never tried before; one bite of it blew her away. The praline was bursting with flavour and melted in her mouth. From there, the conversation derailed and the day just went by, filled with more chocolate and good company, making us forget we were in the middle of winter for a moment.


The conversations led to Piedmont a breathtaking Alpine region in Italy and its delicacies and how there is so much delicious goods out there but not easily available to everyone (which is unfair!). Good food should be shared with others. Those little moments with our loved ones and friends are the best! This, in result created Tre Amis.      

Luca and Sedtin both work in Higher Education, one is an academic and the other an international adviser. Although they work in different institutions, Luca and Sedtin both share a deep love for good food and experimenting in the kitchen. Food plays a big role in both their cultures, where sharing good food with friends and family is a big deal, as good food and company create beautiful memories and are the salt that gives flavour to life. They allow us to enjoy the moment and the nostalgia it brings.

Sedtin is a senior international adviser who specialises in cultural adjustment and understanding. Sedtin has a passion for learning and understanding other people's culture, she'll happily sit there for hours listening to you talk about your culture and country. As sharing is not only just caring but also enlightening. Her hobbies and interests include Cooking, Baking, Eating, Traveling, Paper flower making, Growing veggies, and endless supply of Tea. Random fun fact: Sedtin always have snacks (especially sweet treats) on her.

Luca is an Academic with an immense curiosity for the world and a lot of energy and this is certainly an explosive mix. Luca's ability to speak different languages allows him to expand his curiosity across the globe, as languages are the key to communication. When Luca is not teaching or doing exciting research, he likes to push his personal boundaries with a series of small projects: he is a volcano of ideas. His main hobbies and interests are Cooking, Reading books, Writing books, Travelling, and Playing the mandolin (although he is really bad at it, he definitely enjoys the strum... but who is around him a bit less, though). Random fun fact: Luca loves coffee. Short espresso (ristretto), thick, strong and without sugar, as coffee should be!

Picture: Images of the founders of Tre Amis, Sedtin (left) and Luca (right).

The stroy continues...

After founding Tre Amis in 2020, Tre Amis started expanding their team, which now includes a Social Media & Marketing Manager, as well as other helpers. More to come soon...