The Tre Amis Story

In 1934, in the Alps nearby Cuneo in Piedmont, three friends with a big passion for the mountain were gathering in their spare time to do some trekking in summer and to do some skiing in winter.

In their excursions they enjoyed the contact with nature, they would breathe the fresh Alpine air, admire the majestic sceneries, and find peace through their senses. They were also refined connoisseurs of local food specialties and would not miss the possibility to snack in the mountains with the healthy ingredients that the local territory would offer.

Like many excursionists do in their trip, which sometime would extend for a few days wandering from mountain to mountain, they always brought with them some chocolate to recover their energies, perhaps sitting on a rock near a mountain lake under the shade of a pine tree or on their racksack placed on in the snow near their skies.

Since then, the very same place they were gathering at became well-known to locals as Tre Amis, which in Piedmontese means ‘three friends’.

In 2020 some friends with a passion for nature and good food decided to make the world discover what it feels like to enjoy some artisanal chocolate from the Alps.

Tre Amis has come to life as a brand vouching for ‘being in the moment’ and the enjoyment derived from sharing every single moment can become special.